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Imposition Studio Pro

Графика и дизайн
Разработчик Jayadevan Krishnan
499.99 USD

•••••• PDF Imposition is not as hard as you think ••••••

Imposition Studio is a PDF Imposition app to create output layouts from single or multiple PDF files. It makes custom layouts with any number of pages, signature styles, binding methods, printing styles within minutes. Imposition Studio also includes more than 40 professional layout templates to use with regular jobs. Imposition Studio supports all Digital Printers, Image-setters and CTP Machines.

◼ Features
• Stand-alone application. No third party applications required.
• Ultra fast PDF engine.
• Any Number of Pages in a signature.
• Live signature preview
• Fully customizable signature layout editor.
• Allow multiple PDF files as PDF links.
• Re-usable templates.
• Automated workflow.
• Batch output.
• Hot-folder compatible PDF output.
• Automatic ‘Creep’ control with ‘Cross-Over’ page support.
• Customizable Crop, Folding, Lay and Collating marks.
• Automatic & manual pagination.
• ‘Perfect binding’, ‘Saddle Stitching’ and ‘Cut & Stack’.
• Digital, Film & CTP output support.
• Arabic book layout support.
• Supports ‘Page Cloning’ for Mini/Micro booklets.

◼ What is new
• Creates any new layouts with 4 mouse clicks.
• All new automatic ‘New Layout Assistant’.
• New Layout modes - Book, Brochure & Cut & Stack.
• Huge speed improvements on Open, Preview, Output, Import, Color check etc.
• ‘Single Cut’ Method added for ‘Cut & Stack’.
• ‘Work & Turn’ option in ‘New Layout Assistant’ & ‘Signature Settings’.
• Layout page number preview in ‘New Layout Assistant’.
• Preserving Pagination including Numbers on Signature layout adjustments.
• Added the ability to move pages from ‘Signature Preview’.
• Ruler on ‘Signature Viewer’.
• Multi file selection in ‘PDF Links Window’.
• ‘Collating Marks’.
• More options for ‘Slug-line’.
• More options for ‘Color Strip’.
• More ‘Signature Commands’.
• Paper size display in Signature Viewer.

◼ How Imposition Studio Works?
You only required single or multi page PDF file containing all the pages of the book/ magazine or brochure you want to print. Select the PDF files as source Links and number of pages required for a signature in Imposition Studio. Set the ups/repeats as per the printing machine specification. Setup the margin or output style as per the image setter or CTP specification. Click the Export to PDF button to create Final output PDF by Imposition Studio. Then you can use the resulted PDF file to print to a Digital Printer or drop into drop folders of your image setter or CTP workflow.


Imposition Studio available in 3 editions

◼ Imposition Studio
Standard Digital Edition. Supports up to 50 cms/19.7 Inches.
Allows any number of ups in an imposition layout.
First layout page has no limitations.
Recommended for Digital Printing

◼ Imposition Studio Pro
Offset Edition (Complete). No Size Limit.
Allows any number of ups in an imposition Layout.
Required for large Offset printing.

◼ Imposition Studio Lite (Free)
Digital Lite Edition . Supports up to 50 cms/19.7 Inches.
Allows only 2up imposition Layouts. Creep Not available.
First layout page has no limitations.

All options are available in standard & Pro editions except size limit.

This is Pro Edition of Imposition Studio